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        Quality is life
        Contact US:
        Add.: 66-9 Jiao-Yu Rd,Pao-Jiang Industrial Zone,Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Provice, China
        Tel: +86-57588155889
        Mobile: +86-13675791457
        Fax: +86-57588155885
        Zip Code: 312071
        Email: bodunchina@163.com

          Welcome your visiting us. Your efforts will be fruitful if you are looking for light-weight bullet-resistant glass. Followings are samples of our products for your glance.

         Type   Thickness(mm),Weight(kg/M2),Layers  Protection 
         GA20    20,46,3 glass layers without PC Submachine gun 80+ 105 
         GA18    18,41,3 glass layers without PC Submachine gun 80+ 110 
         GA17    17,40,3 glass layers without PC Submachine gun 80+ 125 
         GA15    15,35,2 glass layers without PC Submachine gun 78+ 400 
         GA14    14,35,1 glass layers + Plastic NIJ 2 78+ 1000 
         GA13    13,30,2 glass layers without PC Submachine gun 78+ 2500 
         GA30    30,68,2 glass layers with PC AK47 70+ 1500 
         GA22    22,47,3 glass layers without PC AK47 70+ 3500 

        As you know the thickness,density and light transmission rate are critical quality factors of bullet-resistant glass. Without limit to thickness of bullet-resistant glass,it will be easy for everyone to make bullet-resistant glass by stacking glass layers as many as possible. However,The quality of bullet-resistant glass will decline with the increase of the thickness. We guarantee to provide you best quality products. For Example,GA17 bullet-resistant glass can resist multiple shoots from submachine gun at distance of 10 meters; the protection-side is 1mm thin-layer glass which minimizes the spall;the light transmission rate is above 80%. All these advantages allow us to take the gobal leadership in the market of transparent armoring materials. It is wise to let our products serve you as safety guarder. We are looking forward to hearing from you .........more